Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Money For Free


Unusual to see those two words in one sentence but it really does exist.
In fact you don’t really have to go very far on the Internet to see many interpretations of the word “FREE”.

Some of us follow that word FREE and we land up taking out the credit card again. But it all started with those words FREE money that we started following in the text.

You have seen words like Automation and Free in the same sentence and surely the words like Traffic and Free are also very familiar.

It all started when I came across a website that still gives me $20 a week for doing nothing. There really is no catch and after getting my weekly $20 for the last month I decided to look for similar stuff.

My search has just started and I have put together ten of the best I could find so far, but I welcome any contributions I can get. Just send the link to my email address which is in my profile or part of this email.

There are a few websites that really bend this simple concept to suit their needs. I have put one of them on my top ten on my website. It is very simple really as they ask you for your Paypal address and send you the money if you sit through about 15 minutes of video.

They put $50 directly into your Paypal if you follow the next step which just takes time but it is very clever as the website promotes itself. This is probably why you most likely have seen it surfing the net.

Another great link on my website is a step by step plan on how to turn $2 into $10 000 but I am sure you have seen many variations of this. However this website also offers you a choice starting at $2 and working up.

Free Traffic has turned into Time Traffic as it takes on-line time hopping through traffic exchanges that swop website views. If you don’t have any money it can be expensive in Internet time which in some countries costs a fortune.

If you know anybody that has an Internet connection and needs some money please send them to the link below.