Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Fact and the Fiction of Muscle gain

96712038ea3655abc13aefd4abb41bc979234d6f748a870341 It is unfortunate that there are still people who think that you need to gain fat if you want to gain muscle. Because you need extra calories in order to build muscle does not mean you have to get fat. It is all about management of your calories and the difference between a surplus of calories and an excess of calories. One can approach the issue of calories in two ways and the first is to know exactly what’s going on. This means that you know exactly how many calories you are eating when you have a meal. The second is just a good understanding of where calories can be found and how to count them. The more specific your way of counting calories are the more in control you will be of your body-fat. The bodybuilding community have for years being saying that the only way to get big is to eat big. But this certainly does not mean you have to be over 10% body-fat. Gaining muscle is all about getting stronger, but that does not only mean the weight that you can lift. Strength can be developed by simply resting shorter between your sets. The effective HIIT training affect that you get when you do this type of training will put on muscle fast. When doing HIIT training you will improve your cardiovascular fitness and if you are working with compound movements like squats, deadlifts and bench-press you will be increasing your core strength as well. The result of your core strength increase will not only put on muscle but will enable you to lift a heavier weight. We see programs and diets that promise will put on 5kg of muscle in a month or your money back. If you are just starting to train with weights and you are putting on muscle it is because everything is new and your body starts adapting to the weight. Putting on muscle every month consistently is the only way that you are going to show long-term results. We are all different and we all respond differently to the sets and reps that we do or the food we eat. Anyone that can put on a pound of muscle consistently for a year is going to understand the discipline and the routine it takes in order to achieve that. If you are lifting the same weight as you were last year then you will have the same lean body mass as you did last year. One should always try to enjoy the challenge of a session at gym and strive to achieve that high intensity and you will get the results you are looking for. One needs to understand the necessity to stress your body in order to improve it. This is what builds muscle and not some fancy pill that you take.